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SUVs are arguably the most popular choice for car rental in Dubai. They provide great practicality and impressive performance at a competitive price. Available in a subtle, sporty, or even a luxury appearance, SUVs boast a spacious interior, impressive safety credentials, and offer a commanding view of the road. An SUV is the ideal multi-purpose car for leisure or business purposes. No matter what the occasion: a day out at the beach, a shopping trip, or as a car for transporting business associates, an SUV is the perfect choice for driving in Dubai.

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Good to know when renting an SUV in Dubai

Dubai is perhaps most synonymous with high-end supercars and luxury vehicles. But it is SUVs and crossovers that are the most popular type of car in Dubai. The reason is simple: an SUV to rent in Dubai provides a reliable, safe vehicle with plenty of space and high performance. It is an all-around, sensible choice for most visitors.

The wide range of SUV brands on offer means there is something for everyone. From luxury SUVs from Mercedes and Range Rover to mid-range and budget options from GMC, Toyota and Nissan, SUVs are within reach of most people. In fact, SUVs are so popular in Dubai that most residents of the city choose an SUV as their primary car. For the price, an SUV is arguably the best value hire car in Dubai.

Being competitively priced as a hire car, SUVs and crossovers have numerous other benefits. The first is the higher driving position, which offers a superior lofted view of the road. This provides better visibility, enhancing safety at the wheel. Another benefit is extra space. SUVs are typically more spacious than sedans and smaller hatchbacks, providing extra room for passengers and luggage.

Can I take my SUV off-road?

Although most SUVs are fully capable of being driven off-road, we advise against it. Off-road driving places extra strain on the vehicle, leading to greater amounts of wear and tear. As a car rental company, we always ensure that our cars are in the best condition possible. We guarantee high levels of safety and performance to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Any off-road driving will void the rental agreement.

Premium SUV manufacturers

One of the benefits of choosing an SUV to rent in Dubai is the wide range of premium models on the market. For the utmost in luxury and sophistication, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan is a popular high-end option. But there are many more premium SUVs available, including the Range Rover Sport, Bentley Bentayga, and Lamborghini Urus. Suitable for use either as a leisure vehicle or for business, luxury SUVs offer supreme comfort and upscale styling inside and out. For anyone wanting to make an impact in Dubai, a luxury SUV is the sensible option.

Car Rental Under 25

It is certainly possible to rent an SUV in Dubai under the age of 25 — even premium brands. Some providers will stipulate age 25 and above for certain car models. But it is legal to rent a car at age 21 provided the individual has held a licence for a minimum of 6 months. UAE residents require a valid driving licence, an ID card, and a credit card for payment. For visitors, an internationally recognised driving licence is a requirement, as is a passport and visa documentation, plus a credit card. It is worth noting that age restrictions on SUVs are at the discretion of the hire company.

Luxury Car Rental

As a city renowned for its upscale lifestyle, luxury car rental is in great demand in Dubai. Hiring a luxury car at a competitive price is easy and provides renters with a smooth comfortable drive and high-end prestige whether for leisure or business.

Faqs about renting a car in Dubai

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is it to rent an SUV?

The cost of renting an SUV varies according to the brand and model selected. Economy SUVs will inevitably be more affordable than luxury models from the likes of Range Rover and Mercedes. Prices for entry-level SUVs begin at around $30 a day, while prestige models typically cost $500 and above per day.

Where can I rent an SUV?

It is possible to rent an SUV at many outlets in Dubai. Websites like Renty provide a comprehensive selection of SUVs and crossovers for all types of visitors to the city. This includes premium models from brands like Porsche and Rolls-Royce, mid-range SUVs from Audi and GMC, and economy models from Toyota and Nissan.

How much is it to rent an SUV for a week?

Renting an SUV for a week provides better value than daily rates. Budget-friendly options from brands like Toyota and Nissan begin at around $200 per week. Hiring a mid-range SUV model, such as an Audi or BMW, will cost around $1,500 per week. Premium models typically cost over $2,000 per week.

How much is it to rent an SUV per day?

The daily price for renting an SUV begins at $30 to $40 for more basic models. Examples of SUVs in this price category include the Toyota Rush and the Nissan X-Trail. Mid-range SUVs like the GMC Yukon begin at $100 per day. Luxury SUVs from brands like Range Rover and Porsche cost upwards of $500 per day.

Why is it more expensive to rent an SUV?

It can sometimes be more expensive to rent an SUV than other types of vehicles. The major reason is the level of demand. SUVs are extremely popular and often the go-to choice for people wanting a practical rental car. There are also many luxury models of SUVs and these are typically more costly to rent than economy cars.